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On board a camera

Posted on by Simone Uggè

Travelling means change, discovery, personal growth: there are those who travel by challenge, moved by necessity, to forget, or simply just to give a shock to the monotony of their routine. Cinema has faced the the journey several times, giving us ideas to take on our own, or even just offering us a few hours to nourish our imagination.

Today we have selected five titles that, in decades and different ways, have made us live the thrill of exploration.

A journey to get freedom: Easy rider

Considered by many critics the film that gave birth to the New Hollywood movement, it tells of the journey across America, from Los Angeles to Louisiana, of two hippies on their motorcycles and fits into the cultural context of '68, with its culture of countertendency and desire to escape from middle-class society. The protagonists, despite being non-violent people, are frowned upon by ordinary people for their appearance, their way of dressing, living and behaving. The theme of the journey runs through the film: by many critics it is considered the road movie par excellence and is undoubtedly the most famous two-wheeled film ever.

Beyond the terrestrial borders: 2001: A space odissey

Stanley Kubrick, who we will meet again in this article, has marked, with each of his films, a turning point in the history of cinema. With this extraordinary science fiction film, innovative and revolutionary compared to its era, the US director makes us sit on board the spaceship Discovery One, under the supervision of the HAL 9000 supercomputer, equipped with an extremely advanced artificial intelligence, able to interact with the human beings and to reproduce all the activities of the human mind with much greater speed and security. The "science fiction movie" category often attributed to this film does not actually represent the true nature of the film, which, although set in the future, touches on issues concerning the identity of human nature, its destiny, the role of knowledge and technique.

An entire existential route: Barry Lyndon

Kubrick again in our review: this time we are in a small Irish village where the young Redmond Barry, the only child of a widowed mother, reckless and good-looking but with little money in his pocket, falls in love with his cousin, the beautiful Nora Brady, who still has an affair with Captain John Quin: Redmond opposes himself to the engagement, breaking into during lunch and offending Quin in public. Because of this outrage, the English captain decides to challenge him to a duel: Redmond wounds his rival to death with a gunshot and the same day, flees to Dublin not to be captured and convicted of murder. Barry moves away from the village on a horse's back, carrying twenty golden guineas in his pocket, given to him by his mother. From here will begin a journey that will lead him from war to the most unbridled wealth, from the encampments in the woods to the most prestigious salons in the United Kingdom, in a controversial and extreme path of life.

A journey towards self-discovery: Seven years in Tibet

The young Heinrich Herrer, in 1939 joined an expedition to climb a mountain in Tibet. After the failure of the company and the return to the camp, Heinrich is arrested by the British, who in the meantime have entered the war against Germany.He manages to evade and in the company of his friend Peter begins to wander through Tibet: in seven years in Lhasa, the city of the Dalai Lama, important events take place, among them the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese, which will force everyone to flee, even the Dalai Lama himself. Back home, Herrer will resume his activity after recovering his son's affection.

Between imagination and reality: The secret life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty, played by an extraordinary Ben Stiller, works for Life magazine, making the negatives archivist. When the news of closing the paper version in favor of the online version arrives , the problem of the cover of the last issue is created. There is a photo that the greatest photographer in the world has sent to the magazine calling it "perfect" but no one has seen it because the negative is not found. It will be Walter Mitty, never released from his city and more used to living in his dreams than in reality, to have to travel to go in search of the notorious photographer and his negative in some of the most incredible places on the planet.

As you have seen, it is really possible to satisfy everyone's imagination with these beautiful films: you just have to prepare the popcorn and make yourself comfortable!



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