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Angel of the city

Posted on by Simone Uggè

The stories and experiences of our users have made us reflect and excite and have made us understand how the Angel service is important to settle in a new reality.

In this post we collected the story of Selin, a girl who found a home after a thousand difficulties thanks to Dotstay.

Selin had arrived in Milan on a rainy evening in late summer. Her plane to Malpensa was perfectly on time. He jumped on the first taxi and headed for her new apartment he had rented through the internet from a private owner. On his arrival the scenery was not he had imagined it to be: the house was dirty, the furniture was old and there were drafts of air everywhere.

When I entered the house, I was completely shocked: the pictures I had seen on the internet were very different from reality! What's more, the owner asked me for more money, because I had not signed any contract yet. 

After losing a lot of money, without a home in which he felt comfortable, he began to evaluate the hypothesis of a real estate agency, but the costs were too high.

Suddenly, the turning point:

Helen, an american classmate of mine, had found her home through Dotstay. I did not know this platform and I was not confident enough to entrust myself to someone I did not know, but the alternative was to stay in that house or end up in the street. On his advice and, moved a bit from despair, I decided to book a search service for a studio flat. From that day, for a whole week, my Angel Raniero followed me with great care not only to look for my ideal accommodation, but he also helped me with english, acting as an interpreter at the visits. Many landlords in Italy only know their own language, and often this leads to misunderstanding, as happened when I arrived.

Dotstay stands out for the figure of the Angel, a personal assistant who lives in the city where you are about to transfer, speaks your language and is ready to help you for any need, from the lease to all the bureaucratic issues, well beyond the simple search for your apartment!

Raniero is an affable and extremely helpful guy, we became friends right away and was always ready to answer any of my messages. One evening I was lost in an area I did not know, I had no internet on the phone, but he immediately told me how to get home.

Dotstay takes care not only of your long-term accommodation, but it can also offer you temporary solution while you're looking for a home with the Angel. In addition, if you wish, you can also request a local telephone SIM card and a pick-up service directly at the airport.

It is no coincidence that over 80% of users have found their home within the first 3 visits, including our Selin

If it had not been for Raniero, I would probably still find myself in my old apartment and grappling with a landlord who just intended to take advantage of me

If you need to move to a new city and you do not know who to turn to, Dotstay will always be on the front lines to help you on your journey.

We are always pleased to know that someone has found a good relationship with us, above all managing to establish a sincere and friendly relationship with our team.

Selin is just one of many people who has searched for and found a solution with Dotstay, but we know that like her many other people would need a 360 degree help at such an important step in their lives.

If you also need to move and you're having trouble in your new city, an Angel by your side will have you put aside all fear!

To know more about the service, visit our website.


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