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Find your house in 7 days with an Angel by your side

Posted on by Simone Uggè

An insight on the real estate market

Changing cities is always an important step in the life of a person: language, culture and bureaucratic systems are just some of the elements that differentiate one country from another.

The choice of a new home is, without a doubt, the first necessary step to be taken in this delicate moment: doing it safely and simply is not so obvious as we could imagine.

What are the main pitfalls that can arise on these occasions?

- If you want to look for a house by yourself, you could easily come across owners who require money to "block" the house and then they disappear: these are the most frequent examples of scam in which unfortunately many people incur, especially those who come from others Countries and do not know italian rules and the local language well.

- If instead you want to rely on a real estate agency, it is usually required from 10% to 15% on the annual rent: for a flat from 900 euros per month (10,800 per year) you should pay a commission from 1080 to 1620 euros!

What is Dotstay?

But in a reality made of risks, slow times and very high prices, there is the solution for you!

Trust in Dotstay!

Dotstay is not an agency and does not have real estate brokerage commissions, but it is the first digital platform in Italy that offers a fast, secure and without agency costs search service.

Dotstay finds the most suitable houses for your requests and allows you to see them in just one week: it works only with serious and verified private homeowners and the leases are always clear and defined from the very beginning.

You will be accompanied by an Angel, a local person who knows the city well and the local real estate market, who will give you all the help you can from the setting to the bureaucratic issues, such as bills, leasing translations, transport, life in the city.

But how does Dotstay work?

It’s very simple:

- Choose the characteristics of the house you are looking for: services, areas and points of interest

- Select a start date for the tour and a check-in date in your new home

- Select an Angel, who will guide you in the search and in the process of acclimatization in the city

- Start your 7-day adventure with him: you can decide whether to take the house or go visit another one.

You just have to select the house you want and Dotstay will make your requests reality!

Do you also need to find an apartment in your new city?

Tell us what kind of house are you looking for!

For each question, do not hesitate to write to info@dotstay.com or call + 39 3340689888


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