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A new adventure

Posted on by Simone Uggè

Moving to a new city is always a delicate moment. There are many new situations that must be faced before, after and during the transfer, as there are many questions that will crowd your mind: "Will I have difficulty in moving?", "how much will it cost me to live in my new city?", but above all "where will I live and with whom?".

To face a transfer it is good to face the situation step by step.

After choosing the city, the faculty and the university of reference or the new job, the first obstacle that must be overcome is the search for a home. Your character can not be ignored when you are looking for a room or apartment. If you love being in good company and you are flexible you can spend a little opting for a double in a house shared by several people, even with only one bathroom. If you want more independence and concentration for you is essential, perhaps a private apartment is what it can do for you.
How to search for a home? Take a look at the site and trust one of our Angel to find your apartment! In just 7 days you will be taken on a tour of visits where you will see up to 5 apartments or rooms selected according to your needs. You will pay only if you have found what you like!

The second issue to be addressed to settle in the best possible way is to find new friends. The years as students or off-site workers can be the most beautiful: the secret lies in exploiting all the possibilities that your new city offers: exhibitions, concerts and aperitifs, which are often designed specifically to introduce new people from every corner of the planet.

Last but not least, the issue of language: knowing a good English in some countries is often not enough. In many realities the attachment to one's native language is very strong and it can be a bit difficult to get used to this situation at first. If you are young and curious, this initial obstacle can actually turn into an opportunity for cultural growth, giving you the chance to learn a new language.
As Samuel Johnson said:

"Life does not offer greater pleasure than overcoming difficulties and passing from one success to another, of forming new desires and seeing them realized".


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