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Do you own an apartment in Milan? With Dotstay you can rent it in a simple, fast and safe way.

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You can choose between:

    Direct renting

  • You can rent your property directly at Dotstay.
  • Dotstay sub-leases your property only to its referenced customers for medium-long term periods
  • You will have a guaranteed and punctual fixed income
  • Utilities/Bills will be directly in the name of Dotstay and you will not have to think about anything other than receiving the rent
  • No risk of vacancy

    Real estate management

  • You can entrust your property management to Dotstay.
  • You will only have to sign the lease agreements, in a flat rate tax regime with referenced tenants from all over the world
  • No worries: guaranteed income, Dotstay will take care of everything else
  • You will receive reports on the condition of your property for the entire duration of the lease
  • Your home will always be in excellent condition
  • If the property remains vacant for more than a month, no problem with the Dotstay Guarantee

Maximize the income of your property with targeted and precise investments

Our team of architects will follow you step by step from simple restyling to renovation. Contact us for more information.

Dotstay's world

  • Referenced and selected tenants from all over the world

  • Guarantee of a fixed annuity 12 months a year.

  • Your home will be part of our exclusive network

  • Constant maintenance and cleaning supervision of your property

  • Direct help line with Dotstay team

Enter your details to get contacted by our team